November 29, 2019 2 min read

Kitchen planning is not something to do in a haste. Imagining yourself living in the space is essential. Visualise opening each draw or cupboard; preparing your food, reaching for the sink, walking to the fridge...there is much to consider to maximise your usability and minimise your regrets.

Considering specifically storage and initially in straight spaces, such as galley kitchens, our top three tips in planning specifically your cupboards and storage would be:

1. Consider the distance between your sides/benches.

  • You want a space of atleast 1m between each side if you want to be able to open, say the dishwasher and walk around it to put things away. Or to fully open drawers and walk around.
2. Think about your desired range hood width and style. 
  • Range hoods if built in, can eat into a lot of your storage space and predetermine how far out the cupboards will sit. When these cupboards are going to be in your face, you really don't want them to more than 500mm deep. 
3. Drawers vs cupboards.
  • Drawers are more user friendly as you can fill them up and access everything in the draw much more easily than you would with a cupboard. So try as best you can to get as many draws in as possible. 

If you have a more closed kitchen with multiple corners, the design considerations are obviously more challenging. But if you play it smart from the initial design- it will really pay off.

Pull out systems for corner cupboards have evolved from the lazy susan to draws and other more practical designs that use the space more effectively. They are more of an investment, but well worth it, particularly if you are short on space.

After working on such a variety of kitchen projects, with varying budgets, sizes  and lifestyle considerations, we can certainly offer you advise in your kitchen design that only builders can provide.