November 29, 2019 2 min read

It is easy to focus on aesthetics in bathrooms, as there are so many gorgeous options. But being a space you use so frequently, the practical voice in your brain really does need to kick in though and guide the final choices. 

Bathrooms are expensive and not the space to take risks and be bold with colours and design. You should consider how you will move in the space and find the balance between classic style that won't date and of course, functionality.

There are very familiar mistakes that most of us know about by watching home renovation shows. If you are a lover of the Block you will hear Shayna's voice on bathrooms "storage storage storage". Not having enough storage is certainly a mistake, but you can atleast change that with additions. The bigger mistakes are fixed items that are structural or base and more expensive to modify. 

Some bigger common mistakes are:

  • Lighting - not having enough or any natural lighting. Do you have a window or a skylight for natural lighting? What lighting do you have around the mirror?
  • Ventilation - a reality is that bathrooms will get moldy if there is inadequate ventilation. A sensor fan fitted to the shower side is a great idea, to ensure the fan comes on all the time its needed. 
  • Not hiding cisterns and cabinets - if you can plan the toilet and face storage on the same wall - that is great. You can get a built in toilet cistern, built in cabinet/mirror. If you are well planned enough, you can build in a shower shelf niche for your daily use items. 
  • Enough room to move - so often on paper things look like they will work - but you need to get into the space and feel it.  Is there really enough room to sit on the toilet and reach for the paper? Can you really reach for that towel on that rail when you step out of the shower?
  • Flush flooring - the "fall" in the bathroom is created to ensure water gets to your drainage. This may mean that the door edge is raised slightly to get the "fall" required.  But you really don't want any steps from the floor outside to inside your bathroom. You want to ensure that in your design considerations that the flooring from outside to inside is "flush". 

Hive Build has done so many bathrooms of various shapes, styles, sizes and budgets.  Contact us to get advice on the approach you should take with your bathroom.