• Hive Build and Construct Director Edward holds over 15 years experience in residential building, renovations, repairs and remedial work. There is not one part of a home renovation Edward has not completed himself. Additionally, as a previous building inspector, his knowledge of the building code and regulations is above and beyond what you will find of most builders.
  • Beginning his building experience in the inner west of Sydney means that most of our work to date has been on older buildings in hard to access locations. This is our passion; restoring the old, blending the new and making homes more suited for a longer stay. 
  • To minimise our footprint and acknowledging that building waste is one of the largest contributions to overall waste, if we are part of the early design stages we can advise on recycling as much of your existing materials as possible in our projects. This not only saves you money,but respects that old can be new again. 
  • We look forward to the opportunity of talking to you in a no obligation chat around your next project ideas.